Chameleon Shutdown

Chameleon Shutdown 1.2

Helps you to automatically shut down, log off, restart, etc.
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Chameleon Shutdown is a great utility tool that helps you to automatically shut down, log off, restart, etc. your system. The actions are provided with two options: 'right now' and 'with parameters'. When clicking the right option of any action, the program executes that action immediately. The 'with parameters' option allows you to set that actions when to act. You can set a delay to any action which will countdown from the moment you will start that action or you can specify a time of the day when that action will execute.
Moreover the program provides three more parameters which you can make use of. The 'idle time' parameter enables you to execute an action if your computer reaches an amount of time (set by you) in idle mode. The 'CPU usage' mode provides you the option to add an action and execute if your CPU usage is lower than a specified amount (in percentage). You can always set how much time should be the CPU usage under the specified percentage before taking action. The 'closure of a program' option enables you set an action and execute only if an application is closed.

The program offers a logical condition option before performing the action. It enables you to add two actions. You can set the condition that both of them to be true and execute the action or to set only one of them to be true and execute.

For example you can set the 'sleep' action if the CPU usage is lower than 10% or the idle state of the computer is more than 10 minutes. Also you can set a 'shutdown' action to perform if the CPU usage is lower than 10% and if a program (specified by you) is closed. In addition, it provides various themes and languages for the user interface.

A free utility tool with unique features which enables you to set an action to be executed if a certain program is closed or if certain logical conditions are met.

Dennis Niels
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  • You can set an action to perform if certain conditions are met
  • Provides a CPU usage option
  • Provides an idle time option


  • Can't add multiple actions at a time
  • Can't add more than two conditions
  • No turn off monitor action for low power consumption
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